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How long does it last?

The Design will look good for 1 to 2 weeks, fading gradually within that time. Factors determining this are the depth of the stain, the particular body area chosen, and how much that area is exposed to water, chemicals and rubbing.

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What is the colour of the Henna stain?

After the paste comes off, the stain colour ranges from orange to a darker reddish brown. Darkness depends on the area of the body treated, the quality of the henna powder, the quality of the application and how long the paste is left on . Also, hands and feet stain the darkest.

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What about black Henna?

Henna alone does not produce a black stain. There are several authentic additives or mixtures that give a black-dying henna. Especially in North Africa. Not one of these formulas is clearly non-toxic or healthy for the body.

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Why do many photographs of Henna design look black?

These photos where taken with the henna paste freshly applied or still on the skin. When the paste is removed the stain colour is orange to reddish brown.

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How long does it take to do?

The length of a sitting ranges from 10 minutes for a simple design to two hours for bridal, as it covers large body area painted with an intricate design. Though in some cases the painting itself may only take 10 minutes, the paste needs to be preserved with a lemon sugar solution which the artist applies after the paste becomes firm on the skin.

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How does it feel to have it done?

Unlike tattoos, henna does not hurt because there are no needles used and no skin is broken. Henna is applied to the top of the skin, and many people enjoy the coolness of the paste as it is painted on the skin. Henna is a soothing mixture and conditions the skin.

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What aftercare is required to get darker stain?

Henna takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to dry, allow it to peel off itself. Brownish-orange to dark chocolate coloured colour will be seen. Do not wash the skin for at least 6 hours. The colour of Henna will gradually darken to dark brown and will last for 10 to 12 days. This stain gradually fades as the skin's surface naturally renews itself. The more you wash or scrub it, the faster it will fade. It has NO chemicals or dye added and is made from all-natural materials.


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